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We decided that we wanted a Tibetian Terrier because they r basically a sturdy, healthy, sweet natured dog! Also, I might add beautiful!

I called around in CA to breeders that were listed & spoke to, what seemed at the time, a very sweet older woman. So made an apptm with her & went to her house. She had mentioned that she had a litter that was ready to go home & she also said that she had 2 dogs that were 4 mos old that belonged to a friend of hers. I asked if they were breed by different dogs than hers, but she assured me that her friend had dogs from her stock & they'd change sires to dames & all was well!

When I got there I fell in love with one of her (so called friends dogs) that was 4 mos old.

Unfortunately, she told me that the mother & father of this pup were not available to be seen. It also was a kinda messy situation, with my soon to be dog just abt to Rex her 3rd shot at 4 mos that shd hv been given at 3 mos. she also proceeded to trim my pups nails with regular sewing shears.

Also, not very clean!

However, she told me they got a little behind & hers & her friends dogs were nothing but the healthiest of bred Tibetian Terriors ever going back many many years.

Well, I'm so in love with this pup that took to me right away & I just accepted all she said w/o proof of health from vets on all imp issues. She played her sweet old lady act to the ltr!

Anyway, went home with my new fur baby & called her a couple of times to ask some questions & she was always reassuring. Then my puppy started itching like crazy so I did all the things with food, the vet etc to figure out what this problem was.before I did all this I contacted her & the minute she heard there was a problem she refused to take my calls.

Now I'm very sure that she is an act & cld very well be a puppy mill situation.

I'm writing this for any future folks who think they want to do business with her. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't!

Product or Service Mentioned: Regalia Tibetan Terriers Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Knowing her in real life, this is true. She does swap dogs with friends from time to time.

Nothing wrong with cutting puppy nails with shears. And the itching is most likely due to you feeding your dog chicken or other poultry , or corn, as those cause severe itching. Get your dog off poultry. What you are feeding that is bad and causing itching , is not the breeders fault.

Sounds like she refused to take your calls because your complaints were ridiculous in nature and not her fault All I read was wrong with your puppy was itching, which could be something YOU are feeding it. The swapping dogs is common in breeders and the nail thing is just weird to me. Puppy nails are tiny, anything can cut them. Change foods and move on.

Stop blaming the breeder and giving her a bad review because you don't know what to feed your dog.

If your dog is itching, be proactive and get an allergy test done. 9/10 Tibetans itch if on the wrong food.


how do we report her to the AKC?


I too bought a puppy from her and have some concerns and also have itching problems. I would like to chat with you about your situation. Is there a way I can contact you privately?


Hi, what happened with your puppy eventually? Was that all taken care?

We r thinking of buying a puppy from her. Do you think we r ok?