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We purchased a beautiful male puppy from Jeanette 9 years ago. Any promise that she made was never delivered as though I had never talked to her. We did alright on our own to find answers we needed when he had parasites after bringing him home and she did finally provide papers after several phone calls and he was not going to be shown. He instantly became a member of our family. He was absolutely beloved....kind and gentle and smart. He became a therapy dog who many, many people loved. On two occasions I made a contact for people who loved him and wanted to purchase a Tibetan. Jeannette agreed to meet both of them and on both occasions she did not follow through and with one of them she was extremely rude and not at all apologetic for not being there or available at the arranged timing. Neither of them purchased puppies from her.

He would have been nine at the end of next month. He was healthy and full of energy and loved life with us. Last Tuesday evening he developed symptoms that something was wrong with shortness of breath. He died on Saturday morning and we are simply in shock and deeply grieving. He went so fast and our vet did not have a chance to save him. He was immediately put on antibiotics and meds for Valley Fever and he declined at a rate that was impossible to overcome. The consideration today is that it was cancer. Xrays, blood tests and meds to try to help him did not find an answer quickly enough.

I am writing this review because in the past 6 months on two occasions when we were travelling people stopped us to love on our dog and in both conversations it was past Tibetan owners and each one wanted to know what breeder he had come from. When I told them I heard very negative replies. One said "Oh NO" You had better purchase insurance because it is known that she has terrible breeding practices and my Regalia dog died before 10 from cancer." The second person really berated Jeanette and had a similar story of losing her beloved Tibetan before 10 years to cancer. She exclaimed over the improper breeding practices of Regalia. The friend who had Tibetans who sent us to Regalia just lost her beloved female before 10 years to heart disease. In all cases the dogs were treated beautifully and part of wonderful families.

I will say that after our sudden tragic loss last weekend I am very much questioning why this would happen and the out of the blue warnings I have had so recently are very disturbing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regalia Tibetan Terriers Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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